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Dental insurance can be confusing and difficult to work with and understand. Our dental staff strives to serve as a liaison between you and your dental insurance company.

Each insurance company operates by a different set of rules and criteria. These criteria are determined by the benefit package purchased by your employer. Although insurance companies state that they will pay 100%, 80%, 50% etc. of UCR (usual and customary) fees on various dental procedures, the UCR can be determined in a variety of ways and can change from plan to plan.

Dental estimates are provided for you by our office as a courtesy to help you estimate what your personal patient costs may be and what benefits and limitations may be part of your plan. However, we can never guarantee what the insurance benefit will be because we are never allowed access to the details of each individual's plan.

Calling insurance for dental benefits only gives our office a small peek at what the dental benefits and limitations for different categories of procedures may be. Our communication with your insurance carrier does not guarantee dental benefits. Insurance companies typically have up to one year to review their payment on services. Many dental insurance contracts allow the carrier to demand benefit dollars back if they feel a mistake in payment has been made on their part.

We strive to help you maximize your dental benefits. When you receive your dental treatment plan, we are available to help answer your questions and help you determine how to best achieve your personal dental health.

Your patient portion of payment may be made by check, debit card, credit card, or Care Credit. A Care Credit application may be made online at their website at


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