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Dental Extractions

Dental extractions or tooth removal can be a necessary procedure if a tooth cannot be restored due to extensive decay, infection, gum disease, trauma or injury. The cost for an extraction can vary according to the complexity of the removal of the tooth. Teeth that are not fully erupted, have previously had a root canal, or are already partially broken can make the extraction more difficult and more costly.

The categories for types of extractions are: simple or forcep extraction, surgical extraction, soft tissue extraction, partial bony extraction, full bony extraction and root tip extraction.

When a tooth is extracted, long term negative effects can result from the loss of the tooth. All treatment options should be considered before a tooth is removed. Post operative care should be followed to reduce the possibility of increased pain and infection.

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Dental Dentures

Dentures are often referred to as "false teeth." The cost for dentures will vary according to the type of treatment requested and required. When a person is edentulous (has no teeth), dentures are used not only to restore function, but also to improve cosmetic appearance. Individuals who have dentures should still see their dentist yearly for an oral cancer screening exam. At that appointment, the individual's dentures can be cleaned to improve the cosmetic appearance of the false teeth by removing any stain that has accumulated. Over time as individuals' age, their mouth, bone structure, and tissues will change. Therefore, dentures should be evaluated yearly for proper fit and function. In addition to the preparation of the denture, it is possible to add implants to provide greater adhesion. New alternatives to denture placement are available to provide greater comfort and security for the patient.

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Partial Dental Dentures

Partial Dentures or Partials: Partial dentures are removable appliances that can replace one to multiple teeth. Partials can be made from a variety of materials. Removable partials made from acrylics, often referred to as "flippers," allow a person to easily move the device in and out of the mouth. Metal base partials are also available and often serve to anchor onto crowns or permanent teeth. Each type of partial has its advantages and disadvantages. Proper fit is crucial to comfort and lasting ability.

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