3 Benefits of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

3 Benefits of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Posted by DENTAL HEALTH PC on Nov 12 2020, 08:40 AM

Wisdom teeth are third molars that typically appear between late teenage years and early twenties, around 16 to 25 years. Not all patients need to remove their wisdom teeth. However, if your teeth become impacted - fully or partially covered by the gums or bone, or don't fit there, then the dentist will recommend removing them. This is done to avoid future complications.

Here we are going to see some of the benefits of getting your wisdom teeth removed:

Reduces the chances of dental infections and other diseases

When your wisdom teeth are impacted, it can lead to problems like teeth cavities and gum infections. The gum infections can affect the nerves and the bloodstream and result in sepsis, a life-threatening condition that affects your body, as a response to an infection. Removing the wisdom teeth can help you in preventing these issues.

Avoids misalignment of nearby teeth due to overcrowding

Typically, wisdom teeth appear in overcrowded areas, in between two adjacent teeth. Since there won't be enough room for the wisdom tooth to grow, it will use the space of the adjacent teeth. This will result in teeth misalignment affecting the attractiveness of your teeth when you smile. Also, you will be sensing discomforts and headaches. There won't be any overcrowding once the wisdom teeth are removed.

Eliminates the probability of cysts and tumors

As we discussed earlier, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to infections and bacteria growth, which can cause cysts or tumors on your jawbone. It will also affect the temporomandibular joint, causing intense joint pain. So, it is better to get the wisdom teeth removed.

Therefore, don't wait for your wisdom teeth to cause dental health issues. Visit your nearest dentistry immediately. 

Corvallis Dental Health offers you expert wisdom teeth removal procedure by our experienced professional dentists. If you want to get your wisdom teeth extracted, give us a call at (541) 757-1829 today so that we may schedule an appointment immediately.

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