Best Healthy Winter Drinks For Kids

Best Healthy Winter Drinks For Kids

Posted by DENTAL HEALTH PC on Mar 11 2022, 05:37 AM

Keeping your children's teeth and gums healthy is a year-round challenge. In winter, oral care and safety for children entail striking a balance between the fun in the snow and the specific needs of oral care. But don't worry, we have the best pediatric dentists in town.

Winter Drinks and Children

Cough Drop

When your child is suffering from a bad cough or sore throat, it's quite normal to give him a cough drop for some relief. You can give your kids sugar-free cough drops as they contain less sugar. 

Chocolate Shakes and Sweet Juices

Chocolate shakes or sweet juices are popular among children. However, these can be harmful to your child's teeth because they contain a lot of sugar that causes cavities and decay. Choose unsweetened juices and a dark chocolate shake.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are frequently viewed as a healthy option for very active children, but the vast majority of sports drinks are no better than a bottle of soda. Sports drinks typically contain a lot of sugar, and sugar-free varieties can still be damaging to tooth enamel. If your child is very athletic and participates in sports, we recommend consulting with their pediatrician to determine whether electrolyte supplements are required.

What Are the Healthiest Drinks for Kids' Teeth?


The best drink for teeth is water. Drinking tap water is also beneficial for your child because it contains fluoride, which can help prevent cavities. If your local tap water is of poor quality, most bottled water contains fluoride as well. Whereas other beverages can promote the growth of bacteria, water will clean your child's mouth with each sip.


Another good drink for kids' teeth is milk. Dairy products can stimulate saliva production, and the calcium and phosphates in dairy products can help restore minerals to your child's teeth that have been lost due to other foods.


While sugary iced teas should be avoided because they can promote tooth decay, unsweetened tea can be a tooth-friendly drink.

It will be easier for your children to practice good oral hygiene if you assist them in developing good habits; brushing twice a day, using antibacterial mouth rinses, and using water flossers. Being aware of how different foods and beverages affect their oral health is also important. 

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