How to Take Care of Your Teeth This Holiday Season

How to Take Care of Your Teeth This Holiday Season

Posted by Dental Health PC on Sep 2 2020, 10:12 PM

The happy holiday season has come to keep us indulging in festive treats all month long, delighting in delicious foods and drinks with friends and family. We hate to be the party poopers, but all that sugar can have serious effects on your oral health. Thus, it is necessary to practice good oral habits so that you do not end up with cavities or infections at the end of the holiday season.

Follow these three basic rules, and there would be no stopping you from flaunting your pearly whites in the holiday photos:

Watch the Candy Intake

First things first, keep a check on just how many treats you are eating in a day or week. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy candy canes, cookies, cakes, and gingerbread, but bingeing on these all day long could have long-term negative effects on your teeth and gums. As an alternative, stick to eating treats only once a day, after which you may rinse your teeth, or better, brush your teeth!

Follow a Dental Routine Until the End of the Season… and Beyond!

Make it a rule at home for everybody to brush, floss, and rinse their mouths every morning and night. Although a simple tip, this goes a long way in ensuring that sugary treats don’t damage your teeth. That being said, once you set a routine, don’t stop. You do want your teeth to stay perfect in time for the next holiday, right?

Drink Water

Drinking water will not only keep you hydrated for all the holiday socializing and other activities but will also wash away any sugar caught between your teeth. Even when you have alcohol or enjoy sodas and juices, make sure you take sips of water as any form of sugar - though liquid - may still affect your teeth!

Lastly, keep yourself informed about whether your regular dental office is closed for the holidays or not. And if so, ask for an emergency contact that you may call in case of a dental emergency. Don’t let anything delay your dental treatments as the condition may only worsen with time.

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