Introduction to LANAP

Introduction to LANAP

Posted by Dental Health PC on Aug 12 2020, 11:57 AM

Many people are apprehensive about dental visits because of their fear of uncomfortable, painful procedures, long wait times, and lengthy healing periods. However, thanks to the new technological developments in dental surgery, it is now possible to have dental surgeries with minimum postoperative complications and shorter healing time; one such new surgical procedure is LANAP.

What is LANAP?

LANAP - Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is the first, and only FDA cleared laser gum surgery to treat gum disease backed by clinical and laboratory research. LANAP is an advanced surgical protocol that allows for targeted removal of diseased gum tissue while leaving your body’s healthy tissues intact. The procedure thus provides an environment where you can heal yourself. 

During LANAP, the dentist uses dental lasers to shape or remove the diseased gum tissue while leaving the healthy tissues intact. This procedure is minimally invasive, and hence, the healing process is comfortable, removing the stigma around traditional routine dental procedures that are known to be deeply uncomfortable. Once the infection is reduced, the gums will start to fit around your teeth as gum reattachment occurs.

Benefits of choosing LANAP include:

Minimally Invasive: LANAP does not involve incisions like traditional gum surgery.

No Pain:The procedure involves no pain as laser gum treatment removes the diseased gum tissue painlessly and helps the body heal naturally. 

Minimal discomfort: Since the treatment is minimally invasive, post-treatment discomfort is also minimal.

Fast Healing:The healing process of LANAP treatment is fast, and most patients can return to their daily routines right away.

Saves Teeth: LANAP helps to save teeth that would not be otherwise saved by traditional gum surgery.

Tissue regeneration:LANAP is the only gum disease treatment proven to remove diseased tissue and stimulate the body to regenerate both bone and gum tissue.

Safety: Since the procedure is minimally invasive, there are no risks associated with LANAP and do not interfere with any other conditions or medications.

Corvallis Dental Health is a leader in the field of LANAP and laser gum surgery. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you with your gum disease.

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