The basics of denture care

The basics of denture care

Posted by DENTAL HEALTH PC on Mar 11 2021, 10:14 PM

Dentures are removable oral prosthetics used to restore several missing teeth. If you have lost a considerable number of teeth due to external trauma, oral infections, or aging, you can benefit from dentures. 

Dentures are synthetically manufactured to replicate natural teeth to make up for the space created by missing teeth. Dentures can be made not only to replace teeth but gums and surrounding tissues as well. Modern dentures offer outstanding aesthetics and function, and hence, it is one of the best ways to restore your smile. 

Advantages of getting dentures

  • Dentures, by replacing your missing teeth, make your face look fuller. By wearing dentures, your cheeks and chin regain their ideal shape. 
  • Dentures help restore the functionality of the mouth, allowing you to bite and chew food like you always used to with all your teeth.
  • Since dentures are removable prostheses, you can take them off to clean your mouth or go to sleep and put them back on when required. 
  • As dentures are made from highly durable ceramic and acrylic, they wouldn't wear or break while biting and chewing food.

Denture Care

Proper denture care depends on your overall oral health and the type of dentures you wear. Taking care of the dentures properly helps dentures last longer, and the patients will not need to worry about their dentures so much.

Taking care of dentures

  • If you have removable dentures, it is important to remove them at night and thoroughly clean them. Remove the dentures and rinse off any loose food particles at least once a day. 
  • For cleaning dentures, the use of regular toothpaste is not advised as the base of the dentures can be damaged due to the abrasive particles in the toothpaste. Specific denture cleaning fluids are available to use for cleaning the dentures. Specific toothbrushes are also available to clean dentures as using brittle toothbrushes can do more damage to the dentures.
  • It is important to make sure that your dentures are placed above a towel or soft surface when handling them and while cleaning them. Dropping the dentures can cause them to crack or break.
  • Keep your dentures in water when you are not wearing them, as they must stay wet at all times and must not become dry.  Cleaning solutions are available to place the dentures, but you can use them only with a doctor's advice. 

Advice and tips on caring for your dentures

  • Consult a qualified dental professional to diagnose your oral health and adjust your denture or partial.
  • Brush your dentures inside and outside daily with a soft, nylon denture tooth brush with round-ended bristles.
  • Do not use regular toothpaste; use denture creams instead. Regular toothpaste is too abrasive and will scratch your denture. Rinse with cold water after brushing.
  • Do not place your dentures in hot water as they will warp. 
  • Examine your denture daily for worn teeth.
  • Take care of the dentures to avoid them getting worn or stained. 
  • Before having dentures, discuss all your current medications with your dental professional.
  • Visit your dental professional regularly for dental checkups.
  • Fix your loose dentures immediately, as they can create friction and pressure on the bones and gum tissues.

If your dentures are not removable, you will be prescribed a different cleaning regimen by your dentist. 

If you have any doubts regarding denture care, call us or schedule an appointment online. 

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