The Importance of Oral Surgery

The Importance of Oral Surgery

Posted by Dental Health PC on Nov 20 2023, 03:57 AM

Oral surgery is a specialized dentistry field involving surgical procedures to diagnose, treat, and manage various complex dental and facial conditions. These procedures may encompass a wide range of interventions, including the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, jaw realignment through orthognathic surgery, treatment of facial trauma, removal of oral pathologies such as tumors or cysts, and surgical support for orthodontic treatments. At Dental Health PC, oral surgery plays a crucial role in alleviating pain, improving oral function, and enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the oral and facial regions. 

Types of Oral Surgery Procedures 

Tooth Extractions 

A tooth may need to be extracted if it is severely decayed or damaged beyond repair. Teeth may also be removed if they are causing overcrowding in the mouth. Before removing a tooth, our dentist in Corvallis, OR, will numb the area with a local anesthetic. After removing the tooth, we will suture the gums closed to promote healing. We can also provide sedation dentistry for patients nervous about their procedure. 

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that replace missing teeth. They are made of titanium and are surgically placed into the jawbone. Once the implant has healed, a crown is placed on top. Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing one or more missing teeth. 

Bone Grafting 

Bone grafting is often required when insufficient bone supports a dental implant. This procedure involves taking a piece of bone from another part of the body and placing it in the jaw, where the implant will be placed. Over time, the bone fuses with the jaw and becomes part of the natural structure. 

The Benefits of Oral Surgery 

Pain Relief and Improved Comfort 

Oral surgery in Corvallis, OR, can effectively relieve persistent dental pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth, abscessed teeth, or temporomandibular joint disorders. By addressing the underlying issues through surgical interventions, individuals often experience a significant reduction in discomfort, leading to an improved quality of life. 

Enhanced Dental Functionality 

Problems like jaw misalignment, severe malocclusion, or advanced periodontal disease may compromise the proper functioning of the teeth and jaw. Oral surgery procedures, such as orthognathic or dental implants, can restore proper alignment and functionality, allowing for improved chewing, speaking, and oral function. 

Treatment of Facial Trauma and Reconstruction 

Oral surgeons play a crucial role in treating facial trauma, such as fractures or injuries to the jaw, facial bones, or soft tissues. Through reconstructive surgery, these specialists can restore both aesthetic appearance and functional capabilities, aiding in the physical and emotional recovery of individuals who have experienced facial trauma. 

Oral surgery ensures comprehensive oral health and well-being, from pain relief to functional restoration and aesthetic enhancements. If you're facing complex dental issues, visit Dental Health PC at 869 NW 23rd Street, Corvallis, OR 97330, or call (541) 757 1829 to explore personalized solutions and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more confident you. 

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