Root Canal Treatment in Corvallis, OR

Root Canal Treatment in Corvallis, OR

While many patients are concerned about root canals, modern dentistry often makes this procedure as quick and simple as any other procedure. Many infected teeth can be disinfected and filled with a sealer, leaving you with your same tooth which can be restored with a crown. 

What are the symptoms that indicate that you need a root canal?

Many people have pain and discomfort, especially when biting down or chewing. They experience extreme pain and swelling in the gum tissue that surrounds an infected tooth, which shows that you need to have a root canal. Often you may experience a persistent or recurring pain in the infected area which can wake you up at night. You may even develop a pimple on the gums.

An infected tooth can get sensitive to hot or cold foods or drinks. The best way to know which treatment is best for you is to see the dentist at the first sign of symptoms so that your tooth can be assessed. An x-ray will be taken to depict more clearly about what is happening inside your tooth.

Dr. Wood and Dr. Schapper do root canals in both our offices to take care of infections and they will restore the tooth to full function with either a filling or a crown as needed.


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